Tentative Sales

This list of properties is being worked up for sale. The date and the sales are not confirmed. Please see Current Sales for confirmed sales.

Tentative Date Tuesday December 3rd, 2019 Noon at the Courthouse

19-003  Edmonton State Bank vs Jennifer Cox  51 Woodson Way, Glasgow  PVA #95X-5

19-449 Hancock Bank vs Mark Huges  1/2 Undivided Interest Tenant In Common Only 495 Center Road, Glasgow  PVA #137-5

19-571 Vanderbilt Mortgage vs Dylan Veach  400 Merry Oaks Payne Rd., Smiths Grove  PVA #8-28E

18-557 JP Morgan vs Kathy Williams  8248 New Bowling Green Rd, Smiths Grove  PVA #33A-1